Ervin Gárdosi Textile Services Co.

The elevation continued on and on up till to date, ever since it has started the journey, the train of fashion and garments industry has witnessed immense changes which not only enhance the quality of certain garments brands and their sourcing methods, it has also incorporated a whole host of manufacturing and sourcing compliance issues too. Fortunately, now Bangladesh is the largest garments exporter in the world, keeping pace with the ongoing worldwide progression, Bangladesh garments industry has accommodated itself with the fullest possible efficiency, social responsibility & safety and finally it has been acclaimed as the upcoming fashion giant for all quality lofty garments.

We obtain an opportunity to initiate Ervin Gárdosi Textile Services Co. is a mainstream buying & sourcing house, it has furnished lively conveniences to many facets of clients worldwide pleasuring new challenges or innovations, we rather focus on the clients' tailor-made requirements and persistently effort on ensuring perfection. In responsibility so, we keep the company sustainable against global race, swift in its responses to innovative trends and firm in its approach & integrity. In our executing progressions, we room emphasis on team spirit and sustainable partnership so that we can satisfy the desires of our customers swiftly and reliably with the value of excellent contribution.